Khemist - "They Shooting" + 'Lornda & Poems' LP

Khemist - "They Shooting" + 'Lornda & Poems' LP

Philly MC Khemist Serves Up "They Shooting" From The 'Lornda & Poems' LP - A Hip-Hop & Spoken-Word Project Dedicated To The Memory Of His Grandmother Lornda Pack.

Philly MC Khemist serves up “They Shooting” from his latest project entitled Lornda & Poems – a collection of tracks dedicated to the memory of his grandmother Lornda Pack. The project follows Khemist’s 2013 Khemist x Aktive collaborative project with DJ Aktive and the 2012 DTWR Mixtape hosted by Black Thought of The Roots. Lornda & Poems takes Khemist back to his lyrical roots as a poet in order to bridge the gap between the spoken word scene and life at center stage, where he regularly plows through tracks as a one-man lyrical machine. “They Shooting” borrows thematically from the hook on Nas“Made You Look” and packs the kind of beauty and somber realism that can only come from a first person account of daily life in the streets. The recording is rounded out by a moving track from Stan Drinks, whose production anchors the entire project. Check the track below to listen to “They Shooting” from Khemist. Purchase the Lornda & Poems LP via Bandcamp. Stay tuned for more from Khemist.

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