Key & Peele Get To The Bottom Of The Outkast Drought

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Key & Peele Get To The Bottom Of The Outkast Drought #*)# => #*)# => #*)# =>

Ever wonder what happened to Outkast beyond the solo efforts? Us too, but this writer’s yet to see or hear any legitimate explanation as to why there’s been virtually no collaborative efforts from the dynamic duo that is Big Boi & Andre 3000. That is, outside of the imminent “well, they’re both just doing their thing,” which should be ample, but certainly leaves the 15-year-old in me that obsessed over Stankonia feeling awfully unfulfilled, even if they did link back up to celebrate two decades in the game last year. But I digress, as one comedic duo has posited their own explanation for the drought, and I’m sure you can guess who they are. Key & Peele took to their program last night to shine a bit of light on everyone’s favorite ATLien duo, delving into the relationship between the two dope boys, sans cadillac. As you can imagine, there’s a whole lot of silliness, uncomfortable touching and Key’s downright cartoonish portrayal of 3 Stacks might just get your blood to boil, but there’s plenty of hilarity to soak up. So go ahead and get your giggles in. Watch Key & Peele’s side-splitting Outkast spoof below.

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