Chicago Teenager Kenneka Jenkins Found Dead In Hotel Freezer
Chicago Teenager Kenneka Jenkins Found Dead In Hotel Freezer
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'This Protest Is Over': Kenneka Jenkins' Mother Accuses Organizers Of Profiting Off Daughter's Death

Kenneka Jenkins' mother has called out various organizers for taking financial advantage of the situation surrounding her daughter's death.

On Sunday night Tereasa Martin, Jenkins' mother, took to Facebook to post a video criticizing organizers for collecting money from people as a part of the protests surrounding her daughter's still unexplained death at the Crowne Plaza Chicago O’Hare Hotel.

"I found out two days ago that there were funds collected for the protests. I thought people were doing it out of the kindness of their heart but I guess everybody has an agenda," Martin said. "...You know what, this protest is over...So I'm ending y'all's agendas that's not righteous towards my child."

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However, protest organizers have said that they were not profiting off Jenkins' death but instead raising funds for protesters who were arrested. As CBS Chicago reports:

Jedidiah Brown, a Chicago activist who spearheaded the protests, said the money in question was part of a 'freedom fund.' Donations to that fund were put toward food, transportation and legal fees for protesters who were arrested. That fund, Brown said, was separate from donations to Martin and was created with her blessing.

Brown contends that some members of his own family have misled Martin into thinking the protesters were pocketing the money. Just over $6,000 was raised with about $2,000 remaining Monday night. The rest of money, he said, will continue to go toward legal fees and transportation for protesters who came from out of town.

Although Martin did not name any of the protest organizers directly, Brown believes that he was one of the ones being accused by Martin of profiting off the situation.

Jenkins' mother also announced a public funeral for her daughter. The funeral will be held on Saturday at the House of Hope in Chicago.