‘Kanye’s Laboratory’ Cartoon Finally Explains The Creation of Desiigner

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'Kanye's Laboratory' Cartoon Finally Explains The Creation of Desiigner

'Kanye's Laboratory' Cartoon Finally Explains The Creation of Desiigner

For months now, music lovers and scientists alike have searched for the precise chemical catalyst/supernatural phenomenon that brought Desiigner into our earthly realm. Finally, some insight into that manifestation has arrived with a glimpse into Kanye’s Laboratory, courtesy of the good folks at MONTREALITY.

Their findings show that nothing short of the perfect balance of Sprite, codeine, baking soda and a lock of Future‘s hair brought the ad-libbing beast known as Desiigner into existence. Kind of like how that lightening bolt transformed Barry Allen into the super-speedy Flash. The video also shows us the moment that Kanye dreamt up the scheme to build himself an impossibly-deep-voiced trap specialist that can sing hooks growl gibberish lines; a Henny-induced night terror of Future stealing Grammys from West.

Jokes aside, it is entirely unlikely that Desiigner is the product of an actual science experiment, though that does seem to be the most logical explanation. But if you’re looking for a few laughs at the expense of the 19-year-old G.O.O.D. Music signee, look no farther than Kanye’s Laboratory in the clip below. Chances are we’ve yet to see the last of Desiigner, so it might be time to come to terms with that.

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