Kanye West Reportedly Wanted Every Song Title on ‘Watch the Throne’ to Have the N-Word in It

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One day, we’ll get the Watch the Throne movie we all deserve. From the legendary Mercer Hotel sessions to the release party at the Hayden Planetarium, the stories surrounding that two-year span are iconic.

David Cho, the ex-publisher of popular sites like The Awl and Grantland, just randomly pulled a great Watch the Throne story out of his pocket. During an interview with Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, better known also known as ItsTheReal, Cho, who is a media OG, talked about being around for the WTT sessions.

Cho says that Kanye West wanted every song title to have the word n*gga in it. The reasoning? Kanye told Cho this:

“We’re gonna put the n-word in every single title on this album so everyone has to say it and they have to confront it.”

Jay Z, who’s a bit shrewder, wasn’t really feeling the idea. So much so, that Jay actually wanted “N*ggas in Paris” to be named “Ball so Hard.” Of course, Jay would lose this battle. We imagine he would acknowledge things turned out for the best.

Check out the interview from ItsTheReal’s A Waste of Time podcast, below. The “Watch the Throne” talk starts at the 1:50 mark.

H/T: DJBooth 

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