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Kanye West Role Playing Game + Trailer

Kanye West Role Playing Game + Trailer

Kanye West is the muse for developers at Phenix who have created Kanye Quest 3030 – a role playing game inspired by the mega-star. The beta version of the game is slated to drop in the coming months. The game is billed by developers as “a hip-hop-themed science-fiction 2D roleplaying game starring Kanye West.” The people behind Kanye Quest 3030 have also delivered a trailer for the PC-only game featuring music from the intro to “Runaway” and a grand piano cover of Kanye’s “Power” by Yang Shih Cheng. The game draws inspiration from Dragon Warrior and features appearances from Jay-Z, Biggie and The BasedGod amongst others. Mac users interested in playing the game will have to partition their drives for Windows or install emulators. Check the trailer below to get a sneak preview of Kanye Quest 3030. Scroll down to download the alpha version of the game. Keep an ear out for Kanye West’s forthcoming LP Yeezus, dropping soon.

>>>Download the alpha version of Kanye Quest 3030 Here

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