Junia T - 'Eye See You' LP Stream

OKP Premiere : Junia T Reinvents The Toronto Sound w/ His Soul-Strutting 'Eye See You' LP

OKP Premiere : Do-It-All Junia T Reinvents The Toronto Sound w/ His Impressive 'Eye See You' LP

I don’t know about the rest of you, but when Toronto’s full-bloom music scene comes to mind, it’s not exactly the purest visual. But as we’ve been trying to show you over the past few months, Junia T isn’t exactly your usual suspect. The masterfully stringing together the raw soul of Golden Era proper with vibe-centric lyricism in a rare blend of MP proficiency and verbal judo that hits all the truest notes of the cultural scale. His debut full-length piece Eye See You boasts all of the sunny sentiments of your favorite backpackers in a brilliant array of blazing productions that take all of the roots to heart.

From the bluesy & introspective boom-bap balladry of “How Can I” to the hazy swing of the Little Simz-assisted “Sleep Paralysis” to the psychedelic soul of “Swisher Sweet,” Eye See You proves to be a stunning, 15-song strong compendium of funk, neo-soul and boogie-blessed cuts reminiscent of J Dilla or Pete Rockmanaging to seamlessly hop in and out of the cut in the endless balancing act of maintaining behind-the-board and microphone duties. It all proves that one thing is certain; that T isn’t getting pegged-down by the Molly&melancholy left-field ism that’s taken over his city.

And OKP is proud to usher in this new era of north-of-the-border bangers. Put your L’s up and bless the air to what is no doubt one of the illest soundtracks to the post-work-day burn-down that’s come my way in some time. Stream Junia T’s Eye See You LP down below and once your ears are pleased and that screw-face is gets stuck, cop the album via Bandcamp. Keep it locked for more on the Junia-of-all-trades in the weeks and months to come.

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