Judge Removes Pimp C's Widow As Manager Of His Estate

Judge Removes Pimp C's Widow As Manager Of His Estate

Judge Removes Pimp C's Widow As Manager Of His Estate

The estate of deceased UGK member Chad “Pimp C” Butler has been taken from his widow because of mismanaged funds, according to a recent report by Beaumont Enterprise.

Pimp C’s son, Chad Butler Jr., alleged in court that in the nearly nine years since his father’s death, that the money from his estate has been poorly handled. Bills have gone unpaid, expensive jewelry has gone missing, and his home is in foreclosure. Pimp C’s Bentley was also repossessed after his widow could no longer pay the car note.

Judge Gerald W. Eddins approved Butler Jr.’s request to have Pimp C’s widow Chinara Butler removed as the administrator of his estate.

Pimp C died in 2007 from an accidental drug overdose at age 33. He left behind three children and died without a last will. There have also been three albums released under his name since his death: The Naked Soul of Sweet Jones (2010), Still Pimping (2011), and Long Live The Pimp (2015).

Chinara Butler said she has not stopped her late husband’s family member’s from making money off of his likeness, and that she has invested her own money into the estate. She added that despite she and the mothers of Pimp C’s other children all signing a publishing deal with Bug Music Inc., that she hasn’t made much money from the three posthumous albums.

But according to records from Butler Jr.’s lawyer, she has spent$150,000 of the estate’s revenue from 2011 to 2013 and more than $80,000 within the last two years. Public records also show a $7.2 million federal tax lien, and $5.1 million owed to UGK’s old manager Byron Hill.

Chinara Butler’s manager, Cherrell Rene, said that she hasn’t opposed the ruling because she grew tired of managing the estate.

“No one can question her motives anymore or say she’s doing anything ill,” Rene said. “They can see just how much time and investment she’s had to sacrifice to maintain the visibility this estate enjoys.”

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