Jordan Peele’s ‘Candyman’ Postponed, Will Now Be Released In September

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Photo Source:: Universal Pictures

Photo Source:: Universal Pictures

The film was scheduled for release on June 12.

The forthcoming Candyman reboot produced by Jordan Peele and directed by Nia DaCosta has been postponed.

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In a report from Deadline, Universal and MGM — the film’s distributor and one of its production companies, respectively — have moved the movie’s release from June 12 to September 25. The first trailer for the film, which featured a haunting rendition of the Destiny Child’s classic “Say My Name,” was released in February.

John Cantú, the editor of the viral Candyman trailer, previously spoke with Okayplayer about incorporating “Say My Name” into the clip, as well as editing the viral trailer for Us, which featured a similarly terrifying cover of Luniz’s “I Got 5 on it.”

“… the songs have been baked into the script in some form or fashion from the jump. Like, when I read the Us script, it always had that van scene with them singing ‘I Got 5 on it,'” Cantú said. “I think on Instagram, when crew were posting around and they were shooting Candyman in Chicago, it was being shot under the code name ‘say my name.'”

“So, it’s always something that’s kind of in the ether, and then your trick as a trailer editor and as a marketer is, ‘how do you actually make this idea work?'” the editor added. “If you say, ‘well, how do we make ‘Say My Name’ work?’ you’re gonna have a lot of versions and iterations of what that would look like especially coming off Us, where everybody has an idea of what the Jordan Peele sound is.”

Source: Deadline

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