OKP Premiere: Johnny Popcorn x 7even Thirty - "Where The Party At?"

OKP Premiere: Johnny Popcorn x 7evenThirty - "Where The Party At?"

Johnny Popcorn Kicks Off The Summer With The New Loosie "Where The Party At?" Featuring 7even Thirty, Produced By Tone Whitfield.

Johnny Popcorn returns for the summer with the new loosie “Where The Party At?” featuring 7evenThirty. An off-album release, the uptempo dance single combines the band’s raspy funk rock aesthetic with the unmistakable feeling of a proper basement jam. Mississippi representative 7evenThirty jumps in with a verse that perfectly captures the start of the weekend and the subsequent search for a good time. Check the track below to listen to “Where The Party At?” Keep an eye out for more ahead of Johnny Popcorn’s highly-anticipated Totem Pole LP, which is slated to arrive sometime this fall. Get more via johnnypopcorn.com.

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