Johnny Depp Will Investigate The Murders Of Biggie & Tupac In New Film 'Labyrinth'

Johnny Depp To Investigate The Murders Of Biggie & Tupac In New Film 'Labyrinth'

20 years ago the hip-hop community was delivered a double-tragedy in the murder of Tupac Shakur in September 1996 and the murder of Christopher "Notorious B.I.G." Wallace the following March. Both are considered amongst hip-hop's all-time greats, and both families are still in search of their dearly departed's shooter(s.) Conspiracy theories are plentiful, no doubt, and some even seem to be under the impression that Pac never even died. But that's a story better saved for a forensic files type report that apparently no one has the scratch (or interest) to act on.

But if anyone can get to the bottom of these two most speculated over losses, it's Johnny Depp. And that's just what he'll do in the new feature length film Labyrinth that finds him taking on the role of Russell Poole, the Los Angeles detective that spearheaded investigations on both rappers up until his untimely passing in April of last year. Little is known about the film outside of its source material, which is based on a 2002 book by Randall Sullivan of the same name. Brad Furman (Runner Runner, The Lincoln Lawyer, The Infiltrator) will direct. Keep your head up for new details in the weeks and months ahead. Learn up on the other hip-hop cop here.

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