Salsoul Records Mini-doc + Mobile Mondays Reunion

OKP Premiere: Joe Bataan Tells The Story Of Salsoul Records In Mobile Mondays Mini-Doc

by zo
August 04, 2014 11:49 AM

Video Premiere: Joe Bataan Breaks Down The Latin Soul Of SalSoul Records In Mini-Doc + Mobile Mondays SummerStage

Salsoul Records has been a coveted label imprint to dancers, DJs and cratediggers far and wide for decades now, providing a soulful latin spin on those sonic stamps that literally defined the hustle era. Established in NYC in 1974, the label has played host and curator to some of the most seminal cuts in disco’s long legacy, introducing the world to acts like Joe Bataan, Instant Funk, Skyy, Charo and so many more. It was a true treasure in the glimmering world of discotheques, in the time of DJ supremacy.

The Salsoul crew will be enjoying a bit of a reunion as they bring the latin soul of the camp to NYC for Mobile Mondays, landing at East River Park Bandshell this week on August 6th (find event details here). That’s right, Salsoul’s shine is too bright for a Monday, they had to move it a few days down the line. You can learn all about NYC’s crowned disco jewel in this mini-doc, directed by renowned DJ/scholar Greg Poole–and seeing its world premiere right her on Okayplayer. Featuring archival footage of the roster, testimony from Operator EMZ, Salsoul Records label manager Rachael HardwayDJ Joey Carvello and none other than Joe Bataan as our guide, the doc condenses a whole lot of history and irresistible music into 7 short minutes. Watch below  to get your mind (and your hustle) right for the doin’ it in the park on Wednesday.

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