Jimmy Kimmel’s ‘Do The Right Thing’ Spoof Proves Brooklyn’s Lost Its Edge

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Jimmy Kimmel's 'Do The White Thing' Spoof Is Spot-On

Jimmy Kimmel's 'Do The White Thing' Spoof Is Spot-On

Last week, Jimmy Kimmel returned to his old stomping grounds, broadcasting an entire week’s worth of programming from good ole’ Brooklyn. In the years since his departure, the white-washing of some of the beastly borough’s most culturally rich neighborhoods has been in full-effect and it doesn’t exactly take a sociologist to see that the times are a changing.

Myrtle Avenue, formerly known as Murder Avenue, is now a haven for tortoise-shell eyewear and posh coffee shops. Bedford Avenue is quickly becoming one of the world’s most lavish strip-malls and Bedford-Stuyvesant as a whole is basically in the crosshairs of the Gentri-burg epidemic, which is hardly surprising, especially for those that have been around for the swift shift in demographics.

But there may not have been a piece that better captures that shift than Kimmel’s recently-aired spoof of Spike Lee‘s classic Do The Right Thing, in which Brooklyn’s edge-less ways are exposed in a hilarious way. The aptly-titled piece Do The White Thing finds Kimmel taking on the role of peace-keeping pizza-maker Sal, who refuses to give in to the demand for gluten-free pies (’cause, gross,) Vinyl Raheem bumping folk music to the masses in the place of the dearly departed Radio Raheem and a scuffed sneaker getting brushed off as a mark of authentication.

You can also find members of the Girls cast and some other familiar faces occupying Brooklyn’s corners. Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious (and kinda sad) Do The White Thing spoof down below.

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