Jimmy Fallon x The Roots - We Are The Champions Acapella

Jimmy Fallon Leads The Roots + Music Superstars In "We Are The Champions" A Capella

JImmy Fallon Leads The Roots + Music Superstars In "We Are The Champions" A Capella

Case you missed it, Jimmy Fallon just lead The Roots, and assorted musical superstars–Usher, Ariana Grande, Christina Aguilera (kinda killed it), Sam Smith, is that One Direction(?) and uh, one a them country & western dudes in an a capella cover of “We Are The Champions”–the immortal rock-opera anthem by Queen. You got to hand it to Fallon and co. for prescience, if nothing else. After the favored-yet-controversial New England Patriots came back from behind to seal the victory, you could not have picked a better audible expression of the nation’s mood right now–a fact underscored by Jimmy leading the entire studio audience in a jubilant singalong.

Of course “We Are The Champions” works as a soundtrack to a very different victory lap as well. The ultimate jock jam of all jock jams was the perfect culmination of a special post-SuperBowl Sunday Night Edition of The Tonight Show, a little thing people are calling Fallon Tonight Live, which featured victorious Patriots LeGarret Blount, Danny Amendola and Jody Breeze passing through the Fallon studios. If tonight’s experiment was any indication, we may be seeing a lot more of the lads on the weekend. at least on such special occasions, because it’s not even 1am and people already cannot stop talking about the hilarity that ensued this time around (other highlights include Will Ferrell diddy-bopping and sensually rubbing his beer-belly to BeyoncĂ©‘s “Drunk In Love” in his Seattle Seahawks warm-up hoodie. He’s no Missy Elliott but still very much must-watch TV).

Anyway, press play on the all-star rendition below and compare the version from Jimmy and The Roots (and friends) with Freddy Mercury‘s original rendition. Then polish off the last of your SuperBowl party ‘liks as we let Ferrell take us out of here (and pray tomorrow is a snow day). Goodnight.

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