Jimi Hendrix Talks Blues, Money & The Future On PBS’ ‘Blank On Blank’

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Jimi Hendrix Talks Blues, Money & Fantasy On PBS' 'Blank On Blank'

Jimi Hendrix Talks Blues, Money & Fantasy On PBS' 'Blank On Blank'

Jimi Hendrix‘s final interview was the subject of the latest installment of PBS’ animated Blank On Blank series; a webisode series that provides us with invaluable insight into the lives of the entertainment industry’s most seminal figures. The interview–recorded a mere 6 days before his death– gave a once shy Jimi the opportunity to wax immemorial on some of his least understood dispositions, particularly in regards to wealth, politics and the future of the blues tradition and pop culture at-large. Its a welcome introspection on counter-culture and mainstream cultural participants alike, bringing the two closer together than either faction would likely approve of.

Other topics delved into include how he would spend his money as music’s top grossing performer at the time, as well as the method behind the madness of his most notably outrageous stage antics. You even get the chance to hear Jimi flex his foresight in describing the “audio-visual rooms” of the future; where he assumes we’d all be consuming our media in the years to come. Its a rare peek into the mind of one of the blues’ most innovative musicians and showman, providing us with a candid sit-down account of Jimi’s last, and perhaps most revealing interview. You can watch PBS’ Blank On Blank with the divine mind of the OG purple progenitor below.

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