The Daily Show’s Jessica Williams Silences Beyonce’s Halftime Haters With Truth

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The Daily Show's Jessica Williams Silences Halftime Haters With Truth

The Daily Show's Jessica Williams Silences Halftime Haters With Truth

Super Bowl halftime haters beware, Jessica Williams is out here dishing truth bombs. Last night’s episode of an always-hilarious The Daily Show found Williams (AKA the show’s Senior Beyonce Correspondent) tackling her favorite subject on the planet: misguided right-wingers throwing shade at Queen Bey. As we’re sure many of you have already experienced in your own travels through White America, Fox News and its agenda went to work on Beyonce’s electric performance, claiming it, like her music video for “Formation,” was racially and politically-charged, even promoting the slaying of cops with its sharp and empowering imagery.

To that, Williams responded just about perfectly. Because, yes, “Formation” is a politically-charged sound and sight at a time when children are still being shot by police and it’s merely the latest instance in which Bey has used her position atop r&b’s throne to shame a world that robs a culture of its identity and confidence and claims no harm done. There’s nothing “wholesome” about any of that, Giuls. And the halftime show has never been a beacon of “family-friendly”entertainment. Watch as Jessica Williams stands up for Beyonce’s brilliant performance in the clip below.

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