Jessica Williams Signs Off From ‘The Daily Show’ w/ Unsettling ‘Bernie Or Bust’ Report

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Jessica Williams Signs Off From 'The Daily Show' w/ Brilliant 'Bernie Or Bust' Report

Jessica Williams Signs Off From 'The Daily Show' w/ Brilliant 'Bernie Or Bust' Report

It’s been a brilliant four-year stretch for Daily Show correspondent and reigning Dope Queen, Jessica Williams. Last night, J Willy signed off as promised, having landed her very own Comedy Central show, and did so in a blaze, with a brilliant, yet terribly unsettling exposé on Bernie Sanders supporters who are inexplicably jumping ship to vote Trump in the 2016 election; a progressive’s deepest, darkest circle of hell.

The segment finds Williams running point on a discussion with six converted Sanders enthusiasts who simply can’t bear the thought of having anyone on the Democratic ticket that doesn’t look like Larry David will in 10 years. Despite her sternest and most inquisitive efforts, she’s left at a loss, as anyone who has to listen to people rationalize a Trump vote might. That face kinda says it all.

The show ended with a montage of Williams’ standout moments throughout her tenure and a final, emotional farewell, all of which can be seen in the clips below. Here’s to whatever comes next for Jessica Williams, hopefully that won’t be reporting from Trump’s inauguration (crossing every possible appendage.) And on that note: it’s time to register to vote, if you haven’t already.

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