Big show 2017
Big show 2017
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Despite Meeting, Jeezy Denies Endorsing Presidential Candidate Joe Biden

Joe biden meets with jeezy atlanta mayor keisha bottoms on the campaign trail 715x476 Photo Credit: Aaron J. Thornton/Getty Images

Jeezy later clarified on Instagram that he did not endorse the former vice-president in the upcoming Democratic primary.

Joe Biden's campaign made its way to Atlanta on Thursday. Mayor Keisha Bottoms invited Biden to The Gathering Spot, a local private membership club started "to create a world where opportunity is the byproduct of community and collaboration."

Bottoms also invited rapper Jeezy, who documented the meeting on Instagram.

A photo of Jeezy sitting with Biden circulated around the internet. Users saw this as Jeezy endorsing Biden:

On Instagram, a user attempted to deter Jeezy from endorsing Biden. Jeezy replied that he hadn't endorsed anyone just yet.

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Neither party would speak on the meeting's topics, but judging from the social posts, the affair went on smoothly.