New Hip Hop Videos: A Viewer’s Guide To The Jean Grae Video “Kill Screen”

DJ Brainchild Pimp rag, tootsee pop and a cane.

Jean Grae Video

The Jean Grae video for “Kill Screen” has risen above the other new hip hop videos to be the talk of the internet today with it’s dark and mysterious visuals, many hidden messages, and the overall dopeness of the song.  After viewing the video this morning, our video forensics team (read: Me) went through the the new hip hop video frame-by-frame to reveal the many hidden messages and single-frame shots contained in this prequel to Pharoahe Monch‘s “Assassins” short film!

Click through to view each hidden message in the order in which it appears in the Jean Grae video. Come to your own conclusions as to what it all means!

Spoilers within… Continue at your own risk!

Jean Grae - Kill Screen - Message 2

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