Jay-Z Hires Attorney To Represent Phoenix Family Held At Gunpoint By Police Over Stolen Doll

Jay-Z Hires Attorney To Represent Phoenix Family Held At Gunpoint By Police Over Stolen Doll

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The family filed a $10 million notice of claim against the city last week.

Jay-Z and his Roc Nation label have enlisted attorney Alex Spiro to help out the family who was held at gunpoint by Phoenix police officers over a doll allegedly stolen by the family’s four-year-old daughter.

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In a report from the Phoenix New Times, Spiro has been hired to help with a case already started by Dravon Ames and his family against the city of Phoenix. The family is being represented by former Arizona attorney general Tom Horne, and filed a $10 million notice of claim against Phoenix last week.

The incident came about after Ames’ daughter allegedly stole a doll from a Family Dollar.

Police held Ames, his pregnant fiancée Iesha Harper, and their two children at gunpoint on May 29. The altercation was captured in a video that has since gone viral. In the video, officers can be heard cursing and screaming at Ames and Harper, who are inside of a car with their two children.

As one officer runs over to the car and yells “Get out the f**king car” while pointing his gun at the vehicle, another officer removes Ames from the car and moves him over to a parked cop car.

As the video continues on, another officer can be seen talking with Harper as she holds one of her children in her arms. Another officer walks up to Harper and points his finger at her before trying to snatch the 1-year-old away from her.

The police officer who cursed at and threatened Ames, as well as tried to take her daughter away from her, is on a “non-enforcement assignment.” The other officer who pointed a gun at Harper and her children inside the vehicle remains on patrol.

Jay-Z also hired Spiro to help 21 Savage when the rapper was arrested by ICE.

Source: Phoenix New Times

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