“May Allah Bless Your Career As A Journalist”: Jay Electronica Responds To Joe Budden’s Critique Of His New Album

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"May Allah Bless Your Career As A Journalist": Jay Electronica Responds To Joe Budden's Critique Of His New Album

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Joe Budden offered his thoughts on Jay Electronica’s A Written Testimony album on the latest episode of The Joe Budden Podcast.

On the latest episode of his podcast series, Joe Budden discussed Jay Electronica‘s new album A Written Testimony, and how he felt that the rapper was bested by Jay-Z, who’s featured throughout the project.

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Around the 31:40 mark, co-host Mal said that he wasn’t blown away by Electronica’s performance, before adding that he felt Jay-Z outshined him.

“It’s a dangerous game to have your debut album with one of the most prolific artists of our time,” Mal said. “You have the danger of this happening — of being outshined on your project.”

“The consensus of what I’ve been seeing and talking to people is that they feel Jay Elec got outperformed on his project,” Mal said elsewhere, to which Budden interjected and said, “Outperformed or smacked around?”

“As a rapper, I’m telling you he got smacked around,” Budden replied after Mal continued to say Elec was outperformed.

“The caliber of rapping that’s on ‘Exhibit C’ was not exhibited here,” Budden added. “There’s mad distance between those two people — between that ‘Exhibit C’ performance and pick any performance on this project.”

Budden also offered his overall thoughts on the album, remarking around the 41:10 mark, “I hate this album. Fuck what y’all talking ’bout. I hate it.”

He then clarified that he was underwhelmed by the album.

Well, Elec seemed to have caught wind of Budden’s remarks. The rapper quote-tweeted someone talking about Budden’s critique of his album, and also included Rory’s (another co-host on the podcast) Twitter handle.


From there, a back and forth occurred between Elec and Budden.




Elec telling Budden “May Allah bless your career as a journalist” has since made the rounds on social media.

A Written Testimony is currently available to stream on all music streaming platforms.

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