Jay Electronica and Pete Rosenberg are Sparring Over a Controversial Line from ‘A Written Testimony’

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Jay Electronica and Pete Rosenberg are Sparring Over a Controversial Line from 'A Written Testimony'

A debate erupts over the rapper’s use of a New Testament reference.

Jay Electronica and Pete Rosenberg had a brief, but heated, exchange on Twitter last night.

The spat began when Rosenberg voiced his discomfort with rapper’s repeated use of the New Testament reference, “Synagogue of Satan.” After quoting a line from the 2014 song, “Better In Tune with The Infinite,” Rosenberg corrected himself and pointed to “Ghost of Soulja Slim,” a track from the rapper’s decade-plus-in-the-making debut album, A Written Testimony, where the rapper closes his final verse with “The synagogue of Satan want me to hang by my collar, but all praise due to Allah Subhanahu wa ta’ala.”

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“As a Jew it puts me in a bad position. I can ignore the fact that I instantly felt a pang of discomfort and offense and basically sell out my culture or I can be accused of being the ‘Jewish media’ hating on this man,” Rosenberg added in a subsequent tweet. Within the hour, Jay returned volley, proposing “if you REALLY wanna get into it, we are willing to hold a discussion in a PUBLIC FORUM on The Synagogue of Satan and it’s meaning with any Scholars of Theology you would like to bring. until then. STFU.” Rosenberg responded with an invite to join him on-air (?,) “I have a public forum everyday if you ever want to talk — feel free …”

And while it’s unclear whether we’ll actually get to hear them have this debate, we can all agree Rosenberg, Jay Electronica and a couple of academics sparring over bible verses for an hour would make for a very memorable radio moment. Heed the call, Jay.

Read through the full exchange below.

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