Jay Electronica Drops Crushing Bars On The (Re)surfaced "Man Up"

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UPDATE:Some listeners and hardcore Jay Electronica fans have noted that "Man Up" has been circulating, albeit rarely, since as early as 2002. What follows is a description of its most-recent and seemingly highest-profile appearance online to date. (If you've been hip to it for years already, props; we see you!)

It's already one of those beautiful, days: days when new (or should we say, new-to-us) Jay Electronica makes its way out into the world. Built of overdriven guitars and a drum beat that smacks you as soon as it jumps out the speakers, "Man Up" hit the net sometime in the last 24 hours and is already beginning to spread like wildfire. It's difficult to tell just exactly when Jay Electronica recorded the cut, but given its references to George Bush and both the Iraq and Afghan wars, it could be from as far back as 2008.

"Rap is the ultimate weapon / We run the globe" Jay stresses, nearly out of breath as he drops bars over an ever-building tumult of rock riffs. It's part spaghetti western, part punk rock show and, in every way, hip-hop to the core. Those pining for Jay Electronica's long-awaited proper LP will have to keep waiting it seems, but with this Dubya-era track it's all the clearer that the MC/producer's back catalog is indeed extensive and strong. It's rougher and much more aggressive than "Road to Perdition," which hit the net back in February; if this is what Jay's extra-angry side sounds like, we'll take more with no complaints. Listen to "Man Up" below.