Janelle Monáe Performs "The Power Of Yet"

Janelle Monáe Performs "The Power Of Yet" On Sesame Street

Janelle Monae Performs Her Persistence Anthem Entitled "The Power Of Yet" With Help From Her Friends On Sesame Street.

Janelle Monáe is joined by her friends on Sesame Street to perform her new song all about limitless potential entitled “The Power Of Yet.” The upbeat anthem is packed with words of encouragement to help those struggling to read, count or keep the cookies from burning to understand the true power of perseverance. Channeling the old adage popularized by both W.E. Hickson and Aaliyah, the song reminds everyone on Sesame Street to keep trying until they succeed. Donning tuxes and joining together for an impressive dance number, all of the Muppets lift their voices to help Janelle Monáe round out the performance with some cool moves as they harness the power within to overcome their obstacles. Check the footage below to view their performance of “The Power of Yet.” Stay tuned for more from Janelle Monáe.

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