Pass The Popcorn: James Brown’s Childhood Gets Some Shine In The Latest ‘Get On Up’ Trailer

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Pass The Popcorn: James Brown's Childhood Is Explored In The Latest 'Get On Up' Trailer

James Brown‘s early days in the destitute South get some shine in the latest trailer for Get On Up, an immensely anticipated biopic charting the legend’s career from pot-slapping formative years to Apollo-slamming stardom. Like its predecessor, it compiles some electrifying clips of Chadwick Boseman doing his best Godfather, but the tone of the latest trailer seems a bit more dire, focusing on the flippant relationship with his mother and bootstrap childhood, having left a young James just after moving to Augusta, GA. Its a more vulnerable side of the hardest working man in show-business that gets the light in this teaser. Get On Up hits theaters nationwide August 1st, bringing the likes of Dan Aykroyd, Octavia Spencer, Viola Davis, Jill Scott, Craig Robinson and more to the screen as Brown’s sometimes forgotten supporting cast. Watch the latest trailer for the James Brown biopic Get On Up below.

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