Jai Paul’s Debut Album Leaked Via BandCamp

Check out the new album leak from the Jai Paul bandcamp

UPDATE: Hold the phone! All awesome tunes and excitement aside, it has come to our attention that these new album tracks on the Jai Paul Bandcamp were leaked. There has been no official release, and thus the missing track titles are explained. This unfortunate occurrence is addressed my Jai Paul’s management who have offered the explanation that his laptop was recently nabbed. Not Okayplayer. It is only a matter of time before these tracks are taken down. Jai Paul has responded to the issue via Twitter as the news makes waves.

Here’s what he had to say about it:


Cotdamn, stop what you’re doing and check out Jai Paul. The mysterious singer from the UK dropped one of OkayFuture’s Top 11 Tracks of 2011 and then basically dropped off the radar (minus a feature on a Big Boi track.) Although he is signed to XL Recordings, Paul has seemingly gone DIY and uploaded his full, self-titled debut album onto BandCamp himself. All of the songs are lacking track names at the moment, but it is still worth checking out ASAP. Jai Paul combines influences from r&b, avant garde pop and breakbeats to create something highly original. Imagine if James Blake dipped his feet into 10,000 more genres. Stream and download the full album through BandCamp below.

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