Jaden Smith - 'Prakruti' [EP Stream]

Jaden Smith Drops Impressive 3-Track EP 'Prakruti'

by zo
November 06, 2014 10:00 AM

Jaden Smith Drops Impressive 3-Track EP 'Prakruti'

Jaden Smith and his sister have been in a prolific spout  as of late. Lil sis let go of her own 3-track III just a few days ago and now in rather short order big bro’s got his own short piece with the surprisingly decent Prakruti EP. I know everyone’s been a bit torn (him coming from the entertainment industry equivalent of the Clintons) but the only true misstep I can readily identify is the fact he apparently dedicated this release to Kardashian half-breed Kylie Jenner. And if anything has been proved to be the case in the last 10 years of celebrity worship, it’s that that family certainly knows how to ruin the minds of talented young black men. So be weary young Smith, don’t dare go down that doomed path. Let us all hope that this time next year the kid isn’t knocking on Fendi’s door with prints for an oversized flannel shirt, meant to be worn as a lone article of clothing. Suppose we’ll see. Listen, I’m not saying that anything young Jaden has put up to this point even holds a match to the importance of some of his dad’s cuts. Lyrically, he’s still a little green, but his delivery is very much on-point and he actually bares the sonic markings of a promising talent. So give the kid a damn break. Listen to his Prakruti EP below and keep it locked as we chronicle the progression or regression of an MC that seems determined to win you over one of these days.


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