Jack White Keeps Reinventing Vinyl: Inside 'Lazaretto - The ULTRA LP'

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Jack White's the kind of guy that isn't satisfied with the whole two sides to a record thing. As if recording, mixing, pressing and releasing a song on vinyl in a single work day wasn't enough, the mad scientist has figured out a few more ways to keep the embattled medium afloat. With the release of his upcoming record Lazaretto - The ULTRA LP, White has put forth a few sketches from the drawing board, outfitting the LP with some easter egg-ish functions.

The first thing you'll notice about the record is that Side A (embroidered with a hand-etched hologram of an angel) is pressed in reverse, beginning on the inside of record and working its way to the outer edge, where a locked groove will play over and over again ad nauseam. Then -- in a move straight out of a 007 flick -- the rocker utilizes something called "double-groove technology" to give you two separate intros to the second side of the record; one acoustic, one electric. He even throws in a nod to old vinyl heads with a flashy finish to Side B, resembling the glossy sheen of an unplayed 78. A totally unconventional record from a man whose career has been anything but ordinary. Lazaretto - The ULTRA LP drops June 10th with preorder already under way. Watch White discuss his trickery below.

spotted at CoS