King Bach Denies Rumors That He's Voicing Grandad In 'Boondocks' Reboot
King Bach Denies Rumors That He's Voicing Grandad In 'Boondocks' Reboot
Photo Credit: Screengrab via Adult Swim

"Nawww": King Bach Denies Rumors That He's Voicing Grandad In 'Boondocks' Reboot

Even J.D. Witherspoon, the son of the late John Witherspoon who voiced Grandad on The Boondocks, addressed the rumors.

With news that The Boondocks reboot has now been moved to 2022, fans of the series are now focused on a rumor centered around one of the show's most beloved characters. On Monday, a handful of people took to Twitter reacting to the rumor that comedian King Bach will be voicing Robert "Grandad" Freeman for the series reboot. The character was originally voiced by the late John Witherspoon.

Turns out the rumor has been around since last year, though. A Reddit thread with a video of J.D. Witherspoon addressing how he was passed on for the role of Grandad (as well as how the character will be voiced by an unnamed actor and deep-fake-ish technology to bend their voice to pitch and tone) includes a comment from someone saying that King Bach was selected for the role, only for another commenter to say the casting choice wasn't true.

But the rumor seems to have stemmed from a part of Witherspoon's video, where he talks about how the actor who was selected for the role was watching his Instagram stories and video posts of him and his dad to probably try to "practice how to sound like him based off of my grief and the videos I was posting." In the screenshots Witherspoon shared of some of the posts, King Bach can be seen to have liked a handful of them, leading some to speculate that the person Witherspoon was referring to was actually the comedian.

Well, Witherspoon has addressed the rumor with King Bach. Responding to a since-deleted tweet, he wrote: "I assume u watched my video & tried to investigate. My apologies if that video confused u when I was talking about the Instagram section, but No King Bach is not who they hired. I honestly want nothing more to do with this situation, but I also don’t want y’all making up stuff."

He went on to say that he and Bach are good friends, and that he had spoken with him about the rumor Monday.

Bach also addressed the rumor, sharing a text exchange telling someone that he's not playing The Boondocks character.

So, there you have it. Bach isn't playing Grandad, and we'll just have to see who the show gets when it returns next year.