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Fashion Friday: Ikiré Jones FW 14 Collection ‘Of Saints And Savages’ + ‘Ritual Union’ [Short Film]

Fashion Friday: Ikiré Jones FW 14 Collection ‘Of Saints And Savages’ + ‘Ritual Union’ [Short Film]

Ikiré Jones Presents Their Fall/Winter 2014 Line 'Of Saints And Savages' Photographed By Rog Walker + The Companion Short 'Ritual Union' Filmed By Director Lendl Tellington.

Philadelphia-based menswear brand Ikiré Jones returns with Of Saints And Savages – a stunning Fall/Winter line recently featured on Okayafrica that boasts vivid color, clean lines and meticulous attention to detail. The marriage of African aesthetic and Italian tailoring remains a constant across seasons and this collection upholds those values with a level of craft that may only be bested by creative director and designer Wale Oyejide‘s discerning eye for intricate design and lush color palettes.

Continuing to push boundaries with brash takes on classic cuts and time-honored pieces, Of Saints And Savages challenges the melancholy of the colder months with a host of decidedly fearless looks perfect for layering or simply making a bold statement. The line photographed by Rog Walker arrives alongside Ritual Union – a short film from director Lendl Tellington that highlights the drama, high art and tradition bursting from the seams and flourishes of each garment. With this collection, Oyejide employs elegance and ingenuity to lash out against commonly held stereotypes of Africans and other people of color:

“To whom it may concern. This is a challenge to the zealously held belief that Africa is a monolithic village in need of perpetual saving. This is an open assault upon the delusions of those who cry endlessly of desolate stomachs and doorways darkened by disease. This is a public disavowing of all who think the cradle of civilization has nothing more to offer than unmolested raw materials and an army of open palms awaiting aid.

Further, this is a disclaimer that upon becoming dissatisfied with the myriad fictions which are daily presented to us as fact, we have henceforth resolved to tell our own stories. Loudly. No longer will we dine on a bounty of half-baked biases. No more will we sip from hoses gushing hypocrisy and hogwash. There are those who look past Africa’s beauty in the hopes of seeing savagery; so that they may preen and posture as saints. We are the children of tomorrow. And we are here to assure that their disappointment awaits.”

Check the footage below to view Ritual Union. View the entire collection and shop for pieces via ikirejones.com. Get more on Ikiré Jones via Okayafrica.

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Ritual Union: Ikiré Jones FW14 Short Film from Lendl Tellington on Vimeo.


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