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Video: How To Dress Well - "& It Was U"

by Eddie "STATS"
December 10, 2012 2:39 PM

How To Dress Well And It Was You official video

People been telling me I need to post on Tom Krell AKA How To Dress Well (if you’re not familiar, that’s his name. If you want to actually know how to dress well, read this) for a NY minute but this video may be the first thing he’s done that I felt like I actually NEEDED to post. First of all because the song is pure dope–the geek-out effect of a gumpy, vaguely hipster-y Jewish cat losing himself deep into falsetto r&b mode is on full blast here on “& It Was U”, a track that is equal parts El Debarge revival and slow Baltimore club. Then there’s the video. Re-imagining black spirituality (this one asian lady in here is not fooling anybody, Mr. Krell) in an all-gold-everything fantasy that, directorially speaking, is equal parts Trinidad James and Andres Serrano, it vacillates between problematic and amazing. However you classify it, I couldn’t stop watching, but I will leave the deconstruction and debate to the comments section. Watch below for ammunition.

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