Herbie Hancock and Thundercat Talk Working With Flying Lotus on ‘You’re Dead!’

REVIVE Video: Herbie Hancock and Thundercat Talk Working With Flying Lotus On ‘You’re Dead!’

Herbie Hancock & Thundercat Talk Working With Flying Lotus On The 2014 'You're Dead!' LP In An Exclusive Interview With Sama'an Ashrawi For REVIVE.

Jazz legend Herbie Hancock and bassist Thundercat recently discussed working with Flying Lotus on the acclaimed 2014 You’re Dead! LP in an exclusive interview for REVIVE with Okayplayer contributor Sama’an Ashrawi. Chatting first with Hancock at the You’re Dead! listening party in Los Angeles, Sama’an describes his introduction to the master pianist:

There was a small after-party of sorts and Herbie strolled in all nonchalant like he isn’t Herbie F’ing Hancock. We talked jazz for a good 5-7 minutes (he told me about seeing Sun Ra play in NYC in the 70s) and then I asked if he wanted to talk about working on the album on camera, and he said he would.

After securing commentary from Hancock about their collaborative work on “Tesla” and “Moment of Hesitation”, he later linked with Thundercat to get the rest of the story and a few other enticing tidbits. Click the link below to watch the full interview via REVIVE. Purchase Flying Lotus’ You’re Dead! LP via iTunes. Follow Sama’an Ashrawi via Twitter @SamaanAshrawi.

>>>Click Here To View The Full Interview w/ Hancock & Thundercat via REVIVE<<<

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