Stream Heems' Full Eat, Pray, Thug' LP

Stream Heems' Solo Debut 'Eat, Pray, Thug' LP In Full

by zo
March 02, 2015 11:59 AM

Stream Heems' Solo Debut 'Eat, Pray, Thug' LP In Full

Heems‘ debut solo venture on the Eat, Pray, Thug LP has long been in the makings. Today we have the pleasure of getting the full treatment following the unveiling of his loveless Dev Hynes collaboration “Home” and the glittery Gordon Voidwell-produced “Sometimes,” not to mention recent features on Nick Catchdubs“Full House.” You’ll find the Das Racist alum waxing on post-9/11 America, relationships, race, theology and so much more of the sociopolitical make-up that constitutes modern day NYC and the world at large. The album also features contributions from Rafiq Bhatia, Harry Fraud, Boody and many more of the 5-boroughs’ best and brightest. Below you’ll find the link to the full stream of Heems’ solo debut Eat, Pray, Thug a full week before its official release next Tuesday, March 10th. If your ears are pleased, go ahead and preorder the record on iTunes today. And if you’re a local, come rock with Heems and his homies at Santos Party House next Tuesday to help celebrate the release of the album. That’s all we’ve got for now, but if you’re itching for some more, hold tight, as the supporting sights and sounds for the record should be arriving imminently.

>>>Stream Heem’s Eat, Pray, Thug LP (via NPR First Listen)


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