Gun Charges Against Desiigner Dropped; Drug, Menacing Charges Remain

Gun Charges Against Desiigner Dropped; Drug, Menacing Charges Remain

Gun Charges Against Desiigner Dropped; Drug, Menacing Charges Remain

Days after Desiigner was arrested under accusations of illegal gun possession, menacing and drug possession, the most serious charges against him have been dropped.

According to New York Daily News, Desiigner -the 19-year-old Brooklyn rapper behind the Billboard-topping “Panda” – was released without bail on Saturday. He was arraigned on three misdemeanor counts of menacing and drug possession, but he won’t be facing any gun charges.

The G.O.O.D. Music signee emerged from Manhattan Criminal Court in a bright red jacket, jubilant about the dropped charge.

“They try to keep me in there, you feel me? But when you’re doing right and keeping it positive, they can’t lock you down,” he boasted, before spouting his signature “Panda” adlib and climbing into a BMW.

On Thursday night, Desiigner was arrested in New York City after an incident that was described as road rage. He and another driver were said to have yelled at each other, and the other driver accused him of pointing a gun at him through the window. The other driver gave police the other vehicle’s license plate number. Police found the vehicle, and according to TMZ, turned up “Oxycontin and other drugs” after searching it.

But after Saturday’s arraignment, the gun charge isn’t holding up. Desiigner’s lawyer told the judge that the police didn’t find a weapon, so that the charge shouldn’t stand.

“There’s nothing here. There’s nothing recovered,” said attorney Adam Konta. “There really is nothing here.”

Ian Niles, the lawyer for Desiigner’s three friends who were in the car, argued the same.

“These three gentlemen are really accused of nothing,” Niles said.

Along with Desiigner’s misdemeanor drug and menacing charges, each of Desiigner’s friends have also been charged with misdemeanor counts of drug possession.

But Desiigner’s driver is in deeper water: he’s facing felony drug charges since cops allegedly found pills in his console, glove compartment and gym bag. He was also charged with forgery for having two active-duty firefighter plaques. He was held on $5,000 bail, according to the New York Daily News report.

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