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Gucci Mane Says Eminem Is Not the King of Rap

"I ain't playing him in my car."

As the internet is still sorting out who the king of R&B is, Gucci Mane has made a case for the king of rap.

The Evil Genius Rapper stopped by Rickey Smiley’s Morning Show recently and proclaimed that Eminem is not the current king of rap.

When asked whether he thinks Em was the current reigning rapper, Gucci said, "you got to come up with a better name."

He continued, seeming genuinely perplexed that anyone would think Eminem was rap king, saying, "I ain't playing Eminem in my car. You playing him in yours? You sliding around playing Eminem in your car, you and your ol' lady?"

Internet users, who are not Slim Shady stans, chimed in, in accordance with Gucci's sentiments.

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It's likely his comment won't escalate into full-fledged rap beef, though Eminem has had a few this year.

Is Gucci Mane even taking shots at Eminem by charging he isn't the king of rap, or is he just kind of right?