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Producers Behind New Film ‘Good Boys’ Put Child Actor in Blackface

Producers Behind New Film ‘Good Boys’ Put Child Actor in Blackface

Source: imbd
Source: imbd

Filmmakers behind the upcoming film “Good Boys”are being accused of blackface after they used makeup to darken the face of a child actor’s stand-in.

The film’s production company says it’s common practice.

According to TMZ, sources connected to the film say 11-year-old Keith L. Williams‘ stand-in was on set last week in Vancouver, Canada with dark brown makeup on his face, an afro wig, and a fat suit. TMZ obtained photos of the stand-in in the getup while he appeared to be on break. The sight of his stand-in was reportedly upsetting to at least one person on set.

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Other sources connected to the production company, Good Universe, reportedly told TMZ that it’s “not uncommon for lighting purposes to match actors’ skin tones,” insisting that this is not a case of blackface.

Other experts say rather than using makeup, casting directors typically hire stand-ins who match the actors’ complexions.

The “Good Boys” producers were  reportedly made aware that someone filed a complaint, and are in the process of addressing it.

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Williams has appeared in the films The Bachelors, and The Last Man on Earth

Jacob Tremblay’s R-rated comedy produced by Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg is slated for release August 2019.


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