George Clinton x James Mtume Interview Video

Watch George Clinton & James Mtume Dive Deep Into The Funk In A One-On-One Chat

George Clinton & James Mtume Dive Deep Into The Funk In A One-On-One Chat

If you’re holding up a late pass for George Clinton‘s with OKP head honcho Questlove a few weeks back, then it appears that NPR’s got you covered. The night just before Questo and Dr. Funkenstein took to the Schomburg Center stage for a thorough exposition of P-Funk’s past and future, Clinton had himself another one-on-one, but this time with his contemporary in legend and influence, none other than James Mtume. They began their chat with a quick gushing from Mtume, recalling the time that he was playing in Miles Davis‘ band and the group had gotten word of Parliament Funkadelic taking to a stage nearby. His account of that evening is worth a viewing in itself.

They speak to the entrepreneurial spirit and overall business model that Clinton brought with his artistry and how that translated to the hip-hop era with acts like The Wu-Tang ClanOdd Future, TDE and the like. They touch on the massive umbrella that housed acts like The Horny Horns, Bootsy’s Rubber Band, The Brides Of Funkenstein and so many more, diving deep into the virtuoso soldiers of the movement that General Starchild had recruited for his war, namely Bernie Worrell, Bootsy & Catfish Collins, Eddie Hazel, Maceo Parker and Fred Wesley.  And let’s be clear; they had the bomb. There’s much too much to throw into these few hundred words, so go ahead and get learned from two of the gawds as George Clinton and James Mtume discuss the glory days at The Museum Of Moving Image down below.

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