Freddy Anzures x Michael Jackson - "BBB Mine"

Freddy Anzures x Michael Jackson - "Baby Be Mine" [Edit]

Freddy Anzures Serves Up His 2011 Edit Of Michael Jackson's "Baby Be Mine" To Celebrate The Birthday Of The King Of Pop.

The Michael Jackson tributes keep coming today. Freddy Anzures keeps the party going this time around with his take on MJ’s “Baby Be Mine” entitled “BBB Mine.” The 2011 edit hit the internet today in celebration of Michael Jackson’s birthday as people across the world continue to party and pump out awesome tracks in his honor. This joint should be a point of excitement for all of the poppers, breakers and MJ impersonators ready to light up the dance floor thanks to an abundance of punchy chops and loops that break up the infectious groove from the original Quincy Jones production. Check the track below to listen to “BBB Mine.” Stay tuned for more MJ love.

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