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Audio: Frank Ocean “Sweet Life”

Audio: Frank Ocean “Sweet Life”

Frank Ocean - "Sweet Life" (single artwork)

Frank Ocean - "Sweet Life" (single artwork)

Now that everybody’s paying attention, your boy Frank Ocean just posted a new song on his tumblr, titled “Sweet Life” and although it’s clearly one-to-grow-on type joint, its pretty easy on the ears on first listen (stream below). I was doing my patriotic duty by grilling meat on a rooftop on the 4th so I missed the dramatic exodus from the closet that comprises his previous tumblr post (I’m not sure if that’s a late pass or a straight pass?) but anyway I’ve posted his statement after the jump just for the sake of starting arguments (and you can read okp homegirl dream hampton’s take on things here).

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Frank Ocean's tumblr statement on his sexuality


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