Florida High School Student Suspended For Posting 'Slaves For Sale' Craigslist Ad

Florida High School Student Suspended For Posting 'Slaves For Sale' Craigslist Ad

Florida High School Student Suspended For Posting 'Slaves For Sale' Craigslist Ad

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A Florida high school student has been suspended after advertising two of his black female classmates on Craigslist as “Two Slaves for Sale” in an ad.

The unnamed senior male student, who attends Fleming Island High School in Fleming, Florida, reportedly posted the advertisement to Craigslist on Wednesday night with the following written in it: “Two healthy slave gals for sale. Good condition hard work ethic. If you need another pair of hands in the farm or house you are in luck.”

How the post came to light was through Lexis Potter, who came across it while looking for farm and garden items on Craigslist.

“I was searching through the farms and garden section of Craigslist and stumbled upon this,” Potter said to CBS47. “It’s a sick, disgusting ‘joke’ and a horrible reflection upon this school and students.”

The post was shared over a hundred times and ultimately ended up being seen by the black girls feature in the offensive picture and post.

“I’m just really aggravated and I’m surprised somebody would do that to me,” Thalia Solomon said.

Along with being suspended, the male students has also been relocated to an alternative school.

The Clay County school district issued a statement on the incident, saying: “We do not tolerate this type of behavior and we are disheartened that any of our students would be subject to discrimination. Fleming Island High School administration and district leadership are working together to create a schoolwide plan of action to strengthen the climate and culture while celebrating the school’s diversity.”

In related news, two months ago came video of a white student in North Carolina hurling racist remarks at his black classmate.

The altercation, which occurred at Wake Forest High School and was caught on video by student Tyler Goodell, shows 15-year-old Micah Speed grabbing Larry Walsh by his backpack and throwing him backward. As the student gets back up you can hear him say the words “You black piece of s**t,” to which Speed grabs Walsh again and throws him to the ground. A teacher intervenes shortly after this.

Speed was suspended following the fight, to which some of his classmates protested to show their support of him.

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