fka twigs ep cover square
fka twigs ep cover square

FKA Twigs Shares New EP 'M3LL155X' + A Dazzling New 16 Minute Video

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FKA Twigs has surprised fans with the release of a brand new EP, M3LL155X, along with an extended 16 minute music video to accompany much of its new music. On the record are "Figure 8" and "Glass & Patron," both of which were previewed earlier this year.

Also on the EP are "I'm Your Doll," "In Time," and "Mothercreep." FKA Twigs reportedly worked with BOOTS to compose and produce the new material. And based on early impressions, the music is right in step with her previous work. "Figure 8" serves as the perfect introduction, clicking and crashing in all directions as Twigs herself sings sweetly over sonic doom. "I'm Not Your Doll" brings the tempo down, offering a message of self-aware exploitation and misuse. Lovers are prone to toying with each other, and here Twigs makes the metaphor heart-stoppingly explicit. "In Time" serves as a love ballad, one that features Twigs pleading "stay with me in this" over and over just as her voice is splintered by strange effects and keyboard stabs, and by the time digitized swoon of "Mothercreep" comes, one is left breathless and covered in sweat. Life isn't easy, and to love is to flirt with suicide. Twigs's music makes these facts inescapable, and to listen to her is to face the darkness inside of all bonds.

There's even more to be said about FKA Twigs's new visuals, which feature swallowed lightbulbs, painful pregnancies and more longing glances that one human should be capable of. An artist that is best considered in the space between dance, theater and song, Twigs truly elevates her craft in the new clip. Watch the video below, and treat yourself to M3LL155X by either streaming it here or purchasing it on iTunes.