Erykah Badu
Erykah Badu
Photo Credit: Xavi Torrent for WireImage

Erykah Badu Assisted With the Delivery of Summer Walker's Newborn Daughter

Summer Walker has kept a low profile in recent months. The news of her healthy delivery was shared via London On Da Track's official Instagram. 

Summer Walker is officially a mother, she welcomed her newborn daughter with the assistance of Erykah Badu who served as her doula.

The news was shared via London On Da Track’s official Instagram profile. The producer excitedly shared an image of the couple’s daughter. The caption read, “From the first time I held you in my arms I knew you were special I’m overwhelmed with Joy.” 

It also read:

“I Can’t even cap this Allah’s best birthday gift to me ... priceless moments u can value forever @erykahbadu gratitude beloved for the genuineness and love. We grateful for yu being a part of our lil Princess bubblegum journey. @summerwalker this gift I can cherish 4L.”

This birth is another milestone in Erykah’s journey as a doula. A few months back, she assisted with the delivery of Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert’s second daughter, Rue. 

Though Summer has kept a low profile in recent months, her most recent release was an official video for her single, “Body.” Last year the singer announced a new label imprint Ghetto Earth Records which launched alongside news of her first signee NO1-NOAH.

We can’t help but mention here that Summer and Erykah linked up for an interesting interview on aliens, music and stardom last year for Rolling Stone. Evidently, the two have kept in touch since then. During that expansive conversation, it became clear that the singers are kindred spirits. It’s fitting that Badu played an instrumental role in the birth of Summer and London’s daughter.