Eric Andre Says He Was Racially Profiled By Atlanta Police
Eric Andre Says He Was Racially Profiled By Atlanta Police
Photo Credit: Matthew Eisman/Getty Images

Eric Andre Speaks On "Stop-And-Frisk Racial Profiling" Incident By Clayton County Police

Eric Andre claimed that two plain clothes Atlanta police officers stopped him for a "random" search and asked if they could search him for drugs.

In a series of tweets, Eric Andre alleged that he was racially profiled by Atlanta police officers at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport on Wednesday.

In the first tweet, which has since been deleted, the comedian said "I was just racially profiled by two plain clothes Atlanta PD police" at a Delta terminal as he made his way to the plane.

Andre then said that "They stopped me on the way down the bridge to the plane for a 'random' search and asked [if] they could search me for drugs. I told them no. Be careful."

Andre added that the officers had let him go and he was on the plane, before saying that he wanted to report the incident.

"Please any Atlanta lawyer reach out to me," he said.

In another tweet, Andre tweeted at Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, saying: "I know this isn’t the PD you want representing in your airports."

Andre also shared the tweets, as well as a post on his Instagram story.

"I was just racially profiled in the Atlanta airport. Stopped by two white cops who asked if I had drugs for no reason," he wrote. "...They asked to search my bag with no warrant or [probable] cause and I said no. Please be careful out there.Tell your POC coworkers in Atlanta."

On Wednesday night, the Twitter account for the Atlanta airport responded to Andre's tweet, saying that the incident "involved officers from the Clayton County Drug Task Force."

The Clayton County Police Department also issued a statement on the incident, saying that Andre had "voluntarily consented to a search of his luggage but the investigators chose not do so." Andre denied that he voluntarily agreed to the search, calling the statement "sad and full of misinformation," before adding that the department "violated my rights."

The comedian spoke about the incident on a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying that Clayton County Police Department is doing "old school, Giuliani stop-and-frisk racial profiling," before sharing that another Black comedian he's friends with was also stopped by them.

Andre recently dropped his Netflix comedy film Bad Trip, which he discussed in a recent interview with Okayplayer. In another interview with NME, the comedian spoke about his love of the late DMX, saying of the rapper: "He was one of those artists that was born to rap. In a parallel existence, if he became a brain surgeon or a plumber, it would’ve been a tragedy. His voice and his attitude… it was almost like he rapped when he talked. He was born a star. There was no warming up."