Eric Andre Discusses His RNC Takeover On 'The Late Show'

Eric Andre Genuinely Feared For His Life At The RNC

Eric Andre Genuinely Feared For His Life At The RNC

Thanks to Eric Andre, we can now rest assured that every one of our worst RNC tropes are not just perceived, but confirmed. The Adult Swim star hit the convention with his trolling takeover a few weeks back, revealing the crude, bad and ugly sides of republicans and Trump supporters, coming face-to-face with some of the most vilely aggressive nationalists on the planet.

Last night Andre stepped onstage to recount the experience with The Late Show host Stephen Colbert (a not-so-secret fan of Andre’s off-beat lampooning and painful awkwardness,) revealing that as a minority in an open-carry state at the epicenter of prejudice, he was genuinely afraid for his life. He spoke a bit on his new season of The Eric Andre Show (premiering August 5th on Adult Swim) as well as his adolescent proclivities for mischief and shock-value, and Colbert was there for all of it.

Watch as Eric Andre delves into those frightful hours outside of the Republican National Convention down below and jump back to peep the trailer for the new season of his show, featuring an incredible prank on Stacey Dash.

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