Elle Varner - "F*ck It All" [Official Video]

Elle Varner Drops A Twisted Visual For "F*ck It All"

Elle Varner - "F*ck It All" [Official Video]

Elle Varner brings the darkness with a properly twisted clip for her brooding ballad of indifference “F*ck It All” off the upcoming 4 Letter Word LP. What begins as a typical day, gets turned on its ear when Varner discovers her lover’s been unfaithful, driving her from blood-curdling indifference to manic and murderous mistress. The follow-up to Varner’s 2012 debut Perfectly Imperfect LP has yet to receive a firm release date, but we’ve been getting tastes of what she’s been brewing up for months now (including the tender Michael Brown tribute “One Love”) so there’s plenty to hold you over until then. Lay your eyes upon the debauched visual for Elle Varner’s “F*ck It All” below and be sure to stay tuned, as 4 Letter Words should be getting that drop date any day now. Head over to her Soundcloud to catch up with the stunning soulstress.

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