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araabMUZIK – “The Prince Is Coming” [Official Video]

araabMUZIK – “The Prince Is Coming” [Official Video]

araabMUZIK "The Prince Is Coming" (video still)

If araabMUZIK‘s “The Prince Is Coming” (also known as “The Prince Is Here”) feels like a 2013 sample-pad version of Muhammad Ali’s Rumble In The Jungle, this brand new video is a basement version of Michael Jackson’s “Remember The Time”–buncha sexy girls play dress-up with a mixture of ancient Egyptian and modern Middle Eastern wears in a ghetto orientalist ballet that unfolds while araabMUZIK smacks the pitch out of his MPC. Occult symbols and stars and lighting and stuff also happen. I mean let’s be honest, this is probably not going to take any awards at Sundance but goddamn, I fux with this beat. And lets not forget where (pause) the prince is coming: Roots Picnic 2013! Watch below:


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