Drake & Beyonce's Sultry Collaboration "Can I" Has Leaked Feat. Sal Houdini

Listen To Drake & Beyonce and Sal Houdini Sultry Collaboration "Can I"Can I Drake x Beyonce x Sal Houdini

Yesterday, a leaked, seemingly incomplete version of the long rumored Drake and Beyonce collaboration "Can I" hit the internets with a fury. But today, a full version of the track has surfaced for all of you pop-rap enthusiasts to drool over. It's a fairly minimal treatment, finding the 6 gawd in his standardly affectionate lonely lover raps while, OVO newcomer Sal Houdini graces the hook with a little tenderness. With all of the hype surrounding this thing, it seems kinda unfair to call this a true-blue Drizzy/Bey collabo, as her only contribution to the track is the ad libbed title "Can I, Baby?" remaining virtually absent from the track in any other capacity. So don't get your hopes if you've been hankering for that duet. Having said that, Houdini's a very pleasant croon for what is rumored to be a track off Drake's forthcoming Views From The 6 LP, which has no date or status update available for the time being. But at least you can go about your day knowing that this is what a collaborative effort from two of pop music's giant's might sound like. Peep Drake x Beyonce x Sal Houdini's leaked musical link-up "Can I" below.