Take A Trip w/ Donn T & Questlove In The “Last Breath (Questlove Remix)” Video

shamz I like ink and alcohol.... and I listen to music…
Donn T

Donn T

Let’s take it to outter space right quick. The radiant Donn T makes her return with this fresh new video for “Last Breath (Questlove Remix).” Donn T isn’t alone on this ride, for this remixed version of the track, she gets an asset from little bro, Questlove. Watch Donn T in all her glory with Questlove manning the percussion, below. Get some words from Donn T on the deeper meaning behind the song below, as well. Video directed by IDegosuperego Media. You can get the original version of the “Last Breath” + 10 more jams on her 2015 album, Flight of the Donn T.

There is a bit of baseball metaphor in the song (‘swing up batter, batter!’). It’s a song about resilience. Although I like that people hear ‘Last Breath’ as a love song (“you came in and softened up my hard place…what a sight to see!”), it covers love, as well as a lot of other ground. Insert dream: true love, more money, health, whatever thing you really need to arrive to turn it all around, to bring you above water, the thing you’re holding out for, ‘Last Breath’ covers it.

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