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Donn T Shares A New Lyric Video For The Questlove-Remixed "Last Breath"

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One of the standout cuts from her excellent The Flight of Donn T LP, "Last Breath" is a song with seemingly-endless staying power. Written and originally recorded by Donn T, the song has been more recently remixed by her little brother, Questlove, and is now a thing so damn funkybeautiful that we still can't stop singing its praises. On Thursday, Miss Thompson shared the official lyric video for "Last Breath," which takes on a ride from city streets out to a gorgeous seaside scene. It's simple and transportive and fits like a sequined glove.

In her own words, Donn reflected on the track's deeper meaning:

"There is a bit of baseball metaphor in the song ("swing up batter, batter!"). It's a song about resilience. Although I like that people hear 'Last Breath' as a love song ("you came in and softened up my hard place...what a sight to see!"), it covers love, as well as a lot of other ground. Insert dream: true love, more money, health, whatever thing you really need to arrive to turn it all around, to bring you above water, the thing you're holding out for, 'Last Breath' covers it. "

Watch the new lyric video below, and be on the lookout for a full-fledged visual for the track (featuring Questlove on-camera) coming soon. Purchase The Flight of Donn T on iTunes as well. You'll be thanking us.