Republicans hold virtual 2020 national convention
Republicans hold virtual 2020 national convention
Photo Credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images

Donald Trump Gave A Long, Boring Speech at the Republican National Convention

Donald Trump also promised a COVID-19 vaccine by the end of the year.

The Republican National Convention came to a close on Thursday night, and President Donald Trump closed things out with a long, boring speech on the White House's South Lawn. The event featured fireworks, promises of a COVID-19 vaccine, and Rand Paul being pressed by protesters in the name of Breonna Taylor.

"I want every child in America to know that you are part of the most exciting and incredible adventure in human history," Trump said, as the country suffers from a pandemic and ever-increasing wealth disparity. "No matter where your family comes from, no matter your background in America, anyone can rise. With hard work, devotion and drive, you can reach any goal and achieve every ambition."

Trump reiterated his anti-protest stance on law and order, claiming that Joe Biden is somehow attacking the safety of the public.

"The most dangerous aspect of the Biden platform is the attack on public safety," he said, claiming Biden would "defund police departments all across America."

"Make no mistake," Trump continued, "if you give power to Joe Biden, the radical left will defund police departments all across America. They will make every city look like Democrat-run Portland, Oregon. No one will be safe in Biden's America."

Trump's warning was received with a standing ovation, however Biden has previously confirmed that he doesn't agree with calls to defund police, but does support increased spending on social programs separate from police budgets.